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Guidelines and Criteria

This is your platform to submit research ideas for improving patient care that are rooted in implementation science. We welcome proposals on the study of implementation methodologies to improve cardiometabolic patient care.

Investigator eligibility criteria

  • Proposals are welcome from established and junior investigators
  • One principal investigator per proposal. Additional co-investigators may be included
    • The principal investigator will be the primary contact for all correspondence
  • The principal investigator should hold a doctoral degree (eg, MD, PhD, or PharmD) and an academic or institutional appointment

Proposal eligibility criteria

  • Proposals must be submitted in English
  • Budgets must be submitted in US dollars
  • Research must be conducted in accordance with local regulatory, legal, and ethical guidelines, including posting on a clinical trial registry, if appropriate. Amgen does not assume responsibility for the conduct of the selected research
  • The proposed research study must begin within 2 months of contract execution
  • The study duration, including any follow-up, should be designed with quality improvement iterative considerations in mind (eg, quarterly assessments and process improvement) and deliver interim and final results within 12 to 18 months
  • Funded research should merit submission as an abstract to a scientific meeting and subsequent publication in a peer-reviewed journal and must be submitted for publication/published within 2 years of contract execution

How to Apply

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Download our proposal submission template here.

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